Planetary Annihilation beta arrives on Steam, decimates worlds and wallets

I’ll confess, I’m no RTS savant; my strategy generally involves surrounding my base with defense turrets and sending wave after wave of disposable units at foes until I lose or, well, I lose. But that didn’t stop me from donning my commander fez when some of the minds behind classics like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander came to Kickstarter and pitched a brand new real-time strategy game, involving massive armies and a few large robots causing a ruckus. Oh how time flies—Planetary Annihilation is here (in Beta form), available to Kickstarter backers and through Steam’s Early Access program. If you didn’t back it on Kickstarter, getting in early will set you back $60.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Source: PCWorld Games