Updated: The best Dyson offers and deals in July 2016

Dyson has built itself up to be a leader in the vacuum cleaner market. Its innovative designs have set benchmark after benchmark and its popularity as a manufacture has extended way beyond vacuum cleaners – keep an eye out for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer coming soon.With innovative design and top quality comes premium pricing, but that’s where we come in. On this page we’re listing all of the cheapest deals and offers on Dyson ‘hoovers’ including uprights, cylinders and cordless models.We’ll update the page regularly to include official Dyson sales, discount codes, retailer offers and hoover sale highlights. So, here they are, the best Dyson offers and deals.Dyson Small Ball offers and dealsLooking for something lightweight but not bothered about going cordless yet? The Dyson Small Ball is the lightest of the regular upright vacuum cleaners in Dyson’s range at 5.5Kg and has a collapsible handle allowing you to store it in smaller spaces than most uprights. The Small Ball is also available in an ‘Animal’ variant that comes with a turbine tool for getting stubborn pet hair off the furniture.Loading cheap Dyson deals…Dyson DC40 offers and dealsIf you need something with a little extra storage and suction power, we’d recommend taking a look at the Dyson DC40 range with a larger storage bin to hold more household dirt, cereal, lego et al. The DC40 is also available in a ‘Animal’ variant that comes with a turbine tool for getting pet hair off the furniture.Loading cheap Dyson deals…Dyson Cinetic Big Ball DC75 offers and dealsSo you’re after the beast huh? The 120AW suction power rating should pick up anything you and the kids can throw on the carpet. Hell, those carpet tacks better look out! With a 2.18 litre storage bin you’ll be hoovering for ages before needing to empty it out and the 15m reach should let you get around most of the house without having to swap plugs.Loading Dyson offers…Dyson V8 Animal offers and dealsThe V8 is Dyson’s flagship cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner. The super lightweight design means you can easily reach high areas and the detachable section transforms it into a handheld, for super simple stair cleaning.See the best PRODUCT NAME dealsDyson V8 Absolute offers and dealsThis is the ultimate version of Dyson’s newest cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner. The super lightweight design means you can easily reach high areas and the detachable section transforms it into a handheld, for super simple stair cleaning. The Absolute model comes with a soft roller head in addition to the regular one. The soft version is particularly adept at picking up on hard surfaces.See the best PRODUCT NAME dealsDyson DC39 offers and dealsThe Dyson DC39 cylinder vacuum cleaner offers superior steering abilities over regular drag along hoovers meaning it’s less likely to bash the furniture and tip over. The Animal variant includes a turbine tool for getting pet hair off the sofa and you can switch the main turbine head’s modes for different floor types via a switch on the handle eliminating the need to bend down.See the best PRODUCT NAME deals
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PlayStation 3 Was a ‘Nightmare’ Says Gran Turismo Creator

Polyphony Digital CEO and Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has conceded the PlayStation 3-era was a “nightmare” for the Polyphony team. Yamauchi has also noted the conditions for Gran Turismo 6 – which was released after the arrival of the PS4 and sold considerably fewer copies than Gran Turismo 5 – were particularly tricky.
“We always have the pressure that we have to sell numbers,” Yamauchi told IGN when asked whether the dip in sales from GT5 to GT6 adds extra pressure or scrutiny to the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport.
“At the same time, the conditions for GT6 were really against us, mainly because the PlayStation 3 hardware was a very difficult piece of hardware to develop for, and it caused our development team a lot of stress.
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Netflix's Next Big Series Looks Seriously Strange

Netflix has released a new trailer for Stranger Things, the upcoming sci-fi series that is not only set in the 1980s, but evokes the sci-fi and horror films of that era.
As the trailer shows, the series tells the story of what happens when a little boy vanishes without a trace in a small town – just as a young girl with some notably superhuman abilities shows up. While the boy’s friends and mother (Winona Ryder) desperately try and find him, some very unusual, dangerous and, yes, strange things begin to occur.
Netflix has also released a new poster for the series, which you can check out in our Stranger Things gallery below.
For more on Stranger Things, check out our video focused on “Eleven,” the mysterious and very powerful girl you see unleashed in the trailer.
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Updated: The best Nintendo 3DS deals in July 2016

If you’re looking for Nintendo 3DS deals, you’ve come to the right place. We check the prices from all reliable online retailers once every few hours to make sure the prices are up to date!Nintendo has long been boss of the handheld market, but the fact it continues to be so successful in a market now dominated by smartphones is impressive. The 3DS software line-up features some of the best first-party Nintendo titles everNintendo’s latest handheld is such a welcome refresh that – despite some minor niggles – it’s definitely worth the upgrade from the original 3DS. On this page, we’re displaying New 3DS deals, New 3DS XL deals and also Nintendo 2DS deals. What use is a new handheld console without some games though? We’ve added some great deals for some of the latest and best 3DS games too.The best Nintendo New 3DS deals…If you don’t already own a 3DS this new version is a no brainer. It’s sleeker, the 3D is improved, it has an extra (tiny) analogue stick and it has more powerful components meaning it’ll play games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, while the older versions can not.Today’s best New 3DS deals…Compare all New 3DS dealsThe best Nintendo New 3DS XL deals…If the standard New 3DS is a bit small for you, then take a look at the New 3DS XL which is perfect for gamers with larger hands or anyone that fancies a larger screen.Loading cheapest New 3DS XL deals… The best Nintendo 3DS XL dealsThis older model of the 3DS XL is a bit cheaper than the New 3DS XL when you can find a model in stock. The 3DS XL was a favourite for years before the ‘New’ series arrived. At this price point the 3DS remains as strong a product as ever.Loading 3DS XL deals…The best Nintendo 2DS deals…If the 3D aspect is not for you, you can get a Nintendo 2DS for cheaper. The 2DS is a great way of entering Nintendo’s handheld family without spending much money, but we’re really talking to kids and parents here. Parents of clumsy children have praised the flat design that removes the need for those pesky breakable hinges of the original models.It’s that excellent lineup of games that makes it even easier to recommend the 2DS. With a generation of kids familiarising themselves with quick and easy games like Angry Birds, it’s important for Nintendo to show them how much better gaming can be. The 2DS is a hell of a lot sturdier than a smartphone or tablet too.Today’s best Nintendo 2DS deals3DS game dealsLooking for a few cheap 3Ds game deals to go with your new handheld console. Take a look at our comparison charts below for the latest and cheapest prices on a selection of the top 3DS games out there.Fire Emblem FatesSee the best PRODUCT NAME dealsLego Star Wars: The Force AwakensSee the best PRODUCT NAME dealsZelda: Majora’s Mask 3DSee the best PRODUCT NAME dealsMario Kart 7See the best PRODUCT NAME dealsMonster Hunter 4 UltimateSee the best PRODUCT NAME deals
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Updated: The best Nintendo Wii U deals in July 2016

On this page you will find all of the best Wii U deals on standalone consoles and bundles. The Wii U might be unable to compete with the Xbox One and PS4 in raw power, but it’s a console packed with some unique features and good ideas. So if you don’t fancy the hardcore gaming experiences of those other two consoles, the fun and light-hearted orientation of the Wii U experience could be for you. And pushed to its potential, who knows what it might yet achieve? There are some strong games in its lineup right now and the deals are better than they’ve ever been, so here are the best Wii U deals currently available:Today’s best Nintendo Wii U dealsWhen Nintendo announced its second quarter earnings for 2015, the biggest takeaway was that 10.73m Wii U units had been sold – meaning it had moved past the Dreamcast’s 10.6m total. It’s a small victory for the console which, to date, has sold one tenth of the units that the original Wii has (101m). The hardware sales saw a rise from the last quarter, from 0.47m to 0.72m, and Nintendo says it’s still on track to hit 3.4 million by the end of the year.More impressive are the software figures: 5.87m Mario Kart 8 copies have been shifted, over half the number of Wii U consoles, while Super Mario Bros Wii U has sold 4.88m. Meanwhile Super Mario Maker, which launched in September, has sold 1.88m already.These results are the first since Tastumi Kimishma became CEO of Nintendo, after Satoru Iwata passed away last year.What happens over the next few months will be much more interesting. Nintendo is set to soon reveal its first mobile games under its partnership with Japanese mobile company DENA, while its next console, the NX, will break cover some time next year.
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TechRadar Deals: The best PS Vita deals in July 2016

The PS Vita is a brilliant handheld gaming console, certainly the most powerful and graphically impressive handheld ever. It can even be used to stream games from your PS4.Hardcore gamers with cash to spend should feel confident in snapping this monster up and fire up some of the big launch games with great haste. For anyone else, it’s a case of working out if you think it’s worth it. If you just want to play 99p puzzle games, by all means stick to your mobile phone or tablet. But don’t be fooled into thinking that your iPod is anywhere near capable of what the Vita can offer, because it’s not. Vita is one of a kind.If you’ve decided to buy one, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all of the cheapest PS Vita deals all in one place. We check the prices of millions of products several times a day so these Vita deals will always be up to date!1. Sony PS Vita Slim (2014) dealsThe most recent PS Vita model is slimmer and has better battery lifeThe latest model of the PS Vita is 2014’s ‘Slim’. Sony made some subtle changes with this model, both internally and externally, but they’re mostly welcome improvements. The design tweaks make for a more portable, comfortable system, although it does come at the expense of the OLED screen which has now been replaced with an LCD. The console is around 20% slimmer (about 3mm) than the original, bringing it down to 15mm. It’s also 42g lighter, which is the most immediately noticeable thing when you pick the Vita Slim up.Searching for the latest PS Vita deals…2. Sony PS Vita (original) dealsThe original PS Vita has a better (OLED) screenThere are a few reasons why you might opt for the 2012 original PS Vita over the 2014 redesign. Firstly, if you can find a great deal there’s absolutely no reason not to pick one up. It’s every bit as powerful and plays all the same games. Plus, this version has a much-vaunted OLED screen which is better than the LCD unit in the 2014 model. Admittedly this older model doesn’t have the same impressive battery life, but it all comes down to price. If the current deals are just as good on the 2014 model we’d recommend you go for that one. If you can see a super cheap original model, go for it!Searching for the latest PS Vita deals…
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Updated: The best Chromecast deals in July 2016

The Google Chromecast is one of the most useful and innovative gadgets of the last few years. And if you’re looking to pick one up for the cheapest possible price, you’ve come to the right place!The Chromecast is not only super functional, useful and easy to use but it’s also dazzlingly cheap – what’s not to like?If you’re unsure what Chromecast is, it’s a wifi-connected HDMI dongle that you plug directly into your TV. From there you can use your smartphone or tablet to ‘throw’ video at your TV over wifi, whether it be Netflix movies, live football matches from the major broadcasters or simply just a funny YouTube video sent to you by ‘that’ friend who always sends you ‘funny’ YouTube videos.Chromecast used to be a family of three, but the original USB stick version version has now been phased out. On this page we’ll find you the best prices for the Chromecast 2 (or just Chromecast now) and Chromecast Audio and explain how they differ.What is a good Chromecast deal?This one’s easy. The standard price for a Chromecast 2 is $35 in the USA and £30 in the UK. You should never, ever pay more than that because you can always find one for that price.However, at certain times of the year, prices tumble. On Black Friday last year, for example, we saw Chromecasts going for under $20 in the US, while the UK’s best price was £18 throughout November. That’s a hefty discount on an already super cheap, amazing gadget.Honestly, we would be more than happy to pay the regular $35/£30 asking price for Chromecast because it’s such great value. But equally, you should always make sure you’re getting the best price!Chromecast 2 dealsThe Chromecast 2, or ‘new Chromecast’ as it’s also known, is very similar to the 2013 Chromecast. Sure, it looks a little different. And it’s got slightly faster network performance and a few other tweaks such as coming with a dangly cable instead of as a rigid stick. But essentially the same product in a different shape – that’s why the prices were basically the same. If you can find one for the same price, get this new one.Chromecast 2 deals are loading…Chromecast Audio dealsWhile it doesn’t offer true multi-room streaming at the moment (fingers crossed that comes soon), this easy-to-use and affordable device modernizes any trusty set of wired speakers you already own with wireless capabilities. In doing so, it also opens them up to features that will grow and get even better over time. Got an old set of speakers or an ancient iPod dock? Turn it into a wireless speaker with Chromecast Audio!Chromecast audio deals are loading…
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Apple might buy Jay Z’s Tidal music app

 If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em. Apple is in discussions with Tidal about acquiring its music streaming app, which offers exclusives and early releases from big artists like Beyonce and Kanye West. The Wall Street Journal reports that the talks are still early and might not end in a deal, but Apple wants those exclusives to bolster its Apple Music streaming app that’s… Read More

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