Review: PowerUp FPV drone looks good, on paper

In a world of remote-controlled toys, PowerUp has stood out by reinvigorating the oft-forgotten pastime of folding and flying paper airplanes. Back in 2013, the company had released its third-generation paper airplane conversion kit, which offered direct control via mobile devices in addition to longer flight times. Its latest, the PowerUp FPV, looks to double-down on the experience with the addition of dual propellers and an integrated video camera. We’ve recently spent time in the FPV’s cockpit (beta version) to see how far these wings could spread…
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PowerUp FPV lets you see the world from a paper plane’s point of view

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In pictures: The Intermot Customized show

Feeding on a persistently growing global trend, Intermot Customized has evolved to a show-in-show concept, cementing its place among the biggest custom exhibitions in Europe as more than 100 custom builders filled a dedicated hall with motorcycle adaptations of their wildest dreams…
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Supergirl: "Survivors" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.
Supergirl has really been building up its cast this season, what with additions like Superman, Mon-El, Lena Luthor, Maggie Sawyer and most recently, Miss Martian. “Survivors” offered viewers a chance to become better acquainted with some of these new additions, while also reminding viewers that if there’s one thing this show does poorly, it’s introducing compelling, three-dimensional villains.
Not that it wasn’t fun seeing actress Dichen Lachman play the villain in another superhero TV series, but her debut as Roulette felt like a significant step down from her recurring role as Jiaying on Agents of SHIELD. Other than a propensity for showboating and wearing slinky red dresses, there wasn’t much to this villain. There’s always the hope that Roulette will have a deeper role to play later in the season, but for now about the only thing this character has going for her is the identity of her mystery benefactor. Lena Luthor? Someone in Cadmus?
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Supergirl's Big Twist Came Straight from the Comics

Supergirl was all about Miss Martian in its latest episode, “Survivors,” and the show started to explore the dynamic between M’gann M’orzz and J’onn J’onzz. But it also featured a cliffhanger ending that fans of the comics should have seen coming.
Spoilers for Supergirl continue below.
At the very end of the episode, M’gann revealed herself to not be a Green Martian like she was presenting herself, but rather a White Martian, sent down to Earth. This revelation puts her interactions with the Martian Manhunter into much better context, explaining why she wouldn’t mind meld with him and why she ran away when they first met.
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Convergence crosses the pond

 Imagine a world where you buy mobile phone, data, voice and television services from a single provider. A world where you don’t worry about running out of wireless minutes, exceeding text message limits or running up roaming charges. A world where you talk, text and stream video on an iPad, TV, laptop or mobile phone, seamlessly using the same user interface and applications across… Read More

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Gotham: "Red Queen" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.
Most of the time, I feel like TV “vision/dream sequence” episodes are kind of a self-indulgent waste. There are rare cases when it works, but mostly it just feels like padding – the chance to fill “x amount” of minutes with nonsense until the time comes to finally land on a point.
That’s what happened here in “Red Queen” as Gordon got blasted with a powerful hallucinogen that took him into the dark recesses of his mind. Mad Hatter basically Scarecrow’d Jim here, with perhaps a bit of Joker at work too since Jervis’ ultimate plan was to drive Gotham mad using his sister’s tainted blood.
Now, I did like the introduction of Jim’s dad, and the end of his vision, where Jim got to sit with his dad for a bit before the “fatal” car crash, worked well. Plus, the final reveal of his father possibly being the head of the Court was a nice twist. But getting to that end point was a bit of a drag. We had Bruce wearing a creepy Jim Gordon mask and then Jim tumbling into hell. Then Jim imagined a happy family life with Lee (set in the 30s or 40s?). All the while, Barbara (sometimes scantily clad in nurse attire) taunted him as they traveled to different levels of his subconscious on an elevator. It just felt like a rehash of all the torturous things we knew about Gordon already. Until his father showed up, of course.
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